Join us Thursday, March 2nd, as we bring you experts and industry leaders on a wide range of topics related to community investments, CRA programs, housing, and engaging communities. Get ready to ask questions, make new contacts, and learn how you can work towards solving local community issues.

Tickets are now on sale, and planning is officially underway for Summit23!

Confirmed sessions include:

How To Engage Residents on Banking & Why Its Needed
Building Community Charrettes
Engaging Young Community Developers
Sustainability of Environmental Leadership

We can’t wait to connect, network and see you all again!

Day of Schedule of Events
Coming soon.

$75 Early Bird Tickets
$100 General Tickets

The Signature Grand, 6900 W State Rd 84 Davie, FL 33317

Breakfast and lunch included. Free onsite parking.

** There will be two workshops in the morning, and two in the afternoon. Participants will be able to move freely from room to room. Check back for an updated list divided by morning and afternoon sessions.

Breakout Sessions

How To Engage Residents on Banking & Why Its Needed

This breakout session will engage community, residents and organizations in the importance of banking in the America. It will cover how banking increases community viability, investment, and resources. How regulation and government policy help ensure financial institution community participation. We will explore how communities can participate fully in banking, future innovation, and the possibilities the industry presents to improve communities.

Building Community Charrettes

Charette participants work collaboratively. Team designs cross-functionally. Charettes use design to achieve a shared vision and create holistic, innovative solutions, the big picture, details and a tight time frame for the work. We will explore building charrettes from the ground up. This workshop will explore ideas and solutions to bring the community together to work as a team to solve our common problems.

Engaging Young Community Developers

This workshop will explore ways to involve our young up and coming developers in the building of the community. Using innovation, community tools, participation, the community at large and simplicity to address and meet the needs of the people to build thriving communities.

Sustainability of Environmental Leadership

Building and maintaining environmental leadership is difficult. We have great leaders in this arm of the community. But how do they do it? How do they gain a following to one of the most important causes in our existence? We cannot maintain our existence without the environment. In this workshop, here experts speak about engaging and maintaining the community’s interest, support, and commitment to MANKIND’S cause.