Susan Howell

Susan Howell is a retired Senior Special Agent with the Department of Justice Office ofThe Inspector General and previously was a Special Agent with the IRS. Susan was able to retire at the early age of 50 because of her financial practices and her positive relationship with money. During her federal career she worked many financial-related and public corruption cases.

Susan is the founder and owner of MoneyMaestra. She realized that financial education and financial wellness were largely not being taught in schools or in society. Susan made it her mission to change that.

Susan believes in a holistic approach to handling money matters. She teaches core money skills, including zero-based monthly budgeting, money practices, and positive money mindset. She focuses on the many aspects of money and how it affects all areas of our lives.

Susan has individual clients, teaches in-person and virtual workshops, gives presentations, and creates financial wellness workshops and programs for businesses.

Susan has a special place in her heart for empowering people by helping them learn and enhance their money skills and their relationship with money. Susan grew up without money but was able to change the course of her life through her money skills, practices, and positive money mindset.

Susan is also a nature lover and has been so since she was a young girl. She is an avid pesticide-free native plant pollinator gardener and is committed to helping nature thrive. Susan is a leader of self and believes we all have the power inside to choose our lives.