Adrian was born in New Orleans, LA in 1988 to a Nicaraguan mother and a Venezuelan father. His family moved to Miami, FL in 1989 and Miami has been his home ever since. After attending the University of Michigan, Adrian felt a strong call to serve his community as a priest in the Episcopal Church, but the spirit seemed to be moving in a different direction. He has worked on various political campaigns and for a variety of non-profits in many roles ranging from administrative to hands-on community organizing.

As an organizer at the Miami Workers Center, he was introduced to the systemic challenges the people of Miami face in the vortex of the Affordable Housing Crisis. The severe level of slum, gentrification and poverty have all shocked his conscience in a life-altering way. He has committed himself to empowering his fellow Miamians through this struggle. He has found particular interest in the concept of Community Land Trusts, first introduced to him by Community Leader Trenise Bryant. He took the initiative and with a group of dedicated individuals that have been similarly touched by Miami’s housing issues and started the Smash the Slumlords campaign to bring criminal landlords to justice and write a future for Miami full of promise, innovation and equality.